Form filled, passport size picture pasted, documents and photocopies arranged in a neat fashion. Wondering what I’m doing? I am standing in line for my daughter’s nursery admission. It’s incredible that I’m doing this as a parent. I still remember my father accompanying me during admissions throughout school and college. He was responsible for filling up the forms and handling the documents. While I didn’t have a worry in the world and didn’t care in the slightest about what was happening. Today I am on the other side of the fence. I guess that’s just how life goes.

While waiting in the queue, my mind is flooded with thoughts. I am observing the school facility like a hawk. The space, the greenery, the cleanliness of the washrooms, the play area, the teachers and the support staff, the quotes on the walls, the existing students (do they look happy?), the overall vibe of the place, other parents and their body language and these are just a few of my thoughts. I have to make sure that my daughter is in the right place, because she is going to spend a lot of time in these premises in years to come. Yes, I am anxious and that’s not a reflection of my personality. It’s just a fallout of my current emotional state. I guess it’s a parent thing. Back then, I never understood the anxiety my parents faced and nor is my daughter going to understand it for a while.


Nobody touches my daughter. I have a sword !!!

It’s a new milestone in my life. I am undeniably excited, but it also brings a new set of responsibilities and I will probably have to upgrade my current daddy version to develop some new skill. Socialising with fellow parents, attending PTA meetings and braving her academic feedbacks. Academics! Oh man! She is just 3 years old for god’s sake. What’s wrong with you guys? Developing the patience to keep these unbecoming remarks to myself is going to be tough. My daughter will get homework every day and I will have to help her complete it on time and make her believe that it’s fun. Tough days ahead. There are going to be occasions when some kid is going to hit my daughter and I will have to be this calm, Mr. nice guy with a smile on my face, telling that kid that it’s all ok. Kids fight and we should let them handle these things. It’s easier said than done! DEVELOPING THIS SKILL IS GOING TO BE A TOUGH ONE. Nevertheless, I will have to learn how to cope with all this.

In time she is going to get used to the school and will start loving it. She will have a lot of friends and a lot of birthday parties to attend. I will accompany her initially but eventually my company will be curtailed to pick up’s and drops. There will be sports days, annual days, festivals, feats, stage performances, and a host of extra-curricular activities. There will be exams and of course she will eagerly await her vacations. Sooner than later, she will grow up and she’s gonna be quite an eyeful. Guys are going to be around her. TRUST ME, ONE MORE GUY IS CONSTANTLY GOING TO BE AROUND HER. AN OLDER GUY “ME”.

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This is gonna be me in a few years !!!



I know she is going to dislike it but eventually she will realise that “Daddy knows best “. Oh mannn! I guess I went off on another tangent altogether! I am simply jumping the gun, she is only three years old and its nursery admissions we are talking about. But isn’t that how every daughter’s father thinks?? Or is it just me!! Funny guys we are!

Nevertheless, A beautiful exciting world of “schooling” awaits her. My promise to her is that I will develop the paternal skills required to ensure that this journey is beautiful, enjoyable, memorable and exciting for her.

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Although I am really not sure about staying calm if some kid hits my daughter! You mess with her, you mess with me!