I first saw her at dance class. A tall, beautiful and magnetic woman with an extremely warm and positive vibe. Yet the way she held her ground would make any man think twice before approaching her. I squelched my instant desire to talk to her. Being the tallest in the class, we were paired together. True to my presumption, she was a fantastic dancer!

After class, I saw her drive away in a Toyota Qualis, a mammoth car to drive! at least that’s what I thought, until she altered my perception. The first and probably the last girl I saw driving a Qualis, I was super impressed. Soon we started talking and got along like a house on fire. It was a heart breaker to know that she was eight years younger than me. Anything apart from friendship was ruled out immediately. But that didn’t dampen my spirit to pursue her. We were dance partners, then we became work partners, we played tennis together. I knew where this was going and it was exactly where I wanted it to head. My mom and dad are 9 years apart and if they got married, I could too! I knew it was possible. She had no idea about the covert operation I was planning to implement. And a few years down the line, we got married!

Not much changed after that, we spoke a lot, we travelled far and wide in life and also on the globe. Life has always been fun with her. Traveling with her has been the best experience of my life! I have a “travel buddy” for life. She’s the darling of my big fat Punjabi family, she loves them and they love her right back.

You know Seema can operate at extreme high energy levels for hours non-stop. She is the only person I know who goes ballistic and fights with me. No one else I know gets angry with me. All said and done, she has been my lifeline.

In 2014, my daughter Savannah was born. She came, she saw and she conquered and how! Everything started revolving around her. My conversations with Seema changed, now all we spoke about was our baby. We spent a lot more time together, but not a minute to ourselves. Savannah kept us on our toes. She was center of our circle and we loved every moment with her. We were happier and life got better with the new kid on the block, quite literally!

I was happy that Savannah looked more like me. It’s a great feeling, trust me, you are always one up with your wife, like forever! That pissed her off a bit I know, but she’d never admit it.

Jokes apart, what I have witnessed in last few years is divine. I have witnessed the birth of a mother. Picture this, she was my dance partner, my friend, my wife, my travel buddy and then she just morphed into a MOM! Happily reforming herself and cleaning up her act. She loved greasy desi Chinese and she gave it all up. Suddenly she was on a diet that included vegetable juice, salads and fruits every day. She didn’t pop a pill during the complete pregnancy. Zero medication. It was difficult, I could see that, but she did it with an angelic smile. It was her initiative, her determination and her belief to raise a healthy child and she has done it like a boss! She is the super eminent care taker for Savannah and I am the primary provider to this family. I am the breadwinner while she focuses on the family, at least for five years is what we have decided. I will always be grateful to my wife for this.

She’s known as Savannah’s mom these days. I am so proud of the way she is raising Savannah and it’s so much fun to watch them together. She has calmed down as a person, it’s almost like she is in zen mode now. More composed yet more fun. I don’t know how she does it! She is a friend to Savannah and how beautifully Savannah responds. Right from the midnight craft sessions, to swimming class, musical bonding class, midnight drives (with me of course), taking her to every possible place where she can be close to nature. Together they have embarked on a beautiful new journey! They are big huggers and love to dance together. At times, they get into long conversations with each other which is surprising yet beautiful. I look at them and smile!

Savannah is 32 months old and she has already been to Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Orissa, Kanha, Pench, Kerala, Lonavala (30 times), Nashik, Pune (10 times), Alibaug, Matheran, Andaman, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Hyderabad and so many other places I don’t even remember. Couldn’t have even thought about this if it wasn’t for Seema. I am just their happy driver.

Seema has transmuted from a temperamental, high-energy young woman to a matured, calm yet dynamic mother. She is more centered and balanced than ever. She knows how much to stretch Savannah and when to stop so that every moment of Savannah’s life is joyous. When I look at her I feel that she was meant to be a mother. That’s her calling. I have never seen her happier. She loves Savannah and Savannah loves her. I love them both. That’s my love story.


I guess now I know how nature works. Motherhood is the privilege given to women. We men have the privilege of giving our women the right environment to live and enjoy their motherhood to the fullest so that children get a wonderful upbringing.

So, to the mother of my baby, I wish you HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!