My Dad! my very first hero. One look at the man and you would know he is extremely strong. Even at 74, his biceps are bigger than mine. He loves to swim and hits the gym every morning. He also has a home gym, for the days he can’t make it to the gym, of course that day is yet to come! I envy his energy levels. It surprising how he has managed to keep his weight the same for ages! Given the fact that his diet is complete with sinful indulgences like pani puri, chole pattice, dal pakwaan , samosas, usual pav! The list is endless!

He has an amazing sense of humor and he manages to find a common funny bone to give everyone a chuckle. He can find humor in any situation and he lives by the mantra ‘Why so serious?’

A man who has no secrets and keeps none. He doesn’t believe in double-dealing, he either likes you or he doesn’t. He is simple, direct and in your face. There are days when he might come down hard on people, but the very next day, he forgets all about it! He has no time to hold on to grudges. Too much baggage!

He has this super colossal ability to “let go” and it’s not because he is 74 years old. He’s been this way all his life. A man who loves everyone, but is attached to no one! My mom being an exception, as no one understands his food requirement better than her.


He was always the wind beneath our (my sister and me) wings. There was not a thing that my dad didn’t provide! We had the best of toys, sports gears and games. He took us to fancy restaurants, picnics and movies. This made us believe that we had everything we needed and wanted. I guess I finally know what his plan was. He wanted us to gain exposure of everything our life had to offer. There was never a dearth of experiences or possessions and not that dad was a big shot. This quality has remained with us till date and we have grown up believing that everything is achievable and nothing is a big deal.

All my friends love my big man! Most of them who visit my place end up spending more time chatting with him. He’s fun to have around and leaves a trail of hee-haw everywhere he goes.

Dad loves watching movies, and he has a peculiar style of watching them. He goes the multiplex on a weekday, when the halls are practically empty. He starts by watching one movie and if he doesn’t like it ,then he just struts into the next hall to watch another movie. In this fashion, he watches 2-3 movies simultaneously. The interesting part is his ability to convince the theater staff to allow him to do such things. This gives him a rush!

I have never seen him dawdling around and killing time. He is always on the move and always game for outdoor plans. For years, I have seen him riding his scooter with my kid cousins, neighbourhood kids, my nieces and now my daughter. This is happening for years and I am sure it will continue to happen for years to come. Nothing has changed over so many years except for his Bajaj Chetak that has been replaced by Honda Activa. The pillion rider changes every five years but the rider is the same.

He cares of everyone within his circle. Almost always, the first guy to be present on any important day and always the first one to extend a helping hand wherever needed.


He loves to dress smartly, and given his physique, almost everything looks good on him. But the best thing he wears is his smile! The other day he was telling me that he would like to develop 6 pack abs! Sometimes I wonder if he’s really 74 years old. Where does he get this energy from?

I guess his ability to

  • keep himself fit
  • live a disciplined life (5 am to 9.30 pm)
  • take responsibility of self and others
  • live unattached without expecting much from others
  • ability to ‘let go’
  • sense of humour
  • sense of adventure
  • confidence

makes him: The happiest I Know.