In this era of fierce and unrestrained competitiveness we all need performers in our teams. It is the best way to be on top of the heap. Come to think of it, performance is one side of the coin and in contraposition lies attitude. Attitude can be defined as the basic frame of mind or thought process of an individual. It can either be positive or negative.

Four combinations emerge out of these two constants.



The perfect and most sought after combination. The challenge with this combination is that it’s rare. A great leader is the one who has the ability to develop this combination in his people. These are the people who love what they do and scale great heights. They have a sense of fairness in them and are usually grounded with no unnecessary ego. They take pride in what they do and they respect the concept of interdependence. Such people are the leaders and ensure that the organization has a bright future.



This set consists of people have a congenial attitude but their performance is sitting on its butt. The reason could be that they are not in the right role, they are yet to receive the right training inputs or they are struggling with some personal conflicts. Such people when suitably trained, can easily become high performers. A good leader would always know that they are worth investing in. Investing time and a bit of money can bring a huge shift in such people. So the meat of the matter is that this category needs “training”.



EXIT! Show them the door! Nothing much needs to be spoken about this category, except that they are not required. They neither perform, nor are they open to learning. It’s best to get rid of them pronto! The challenge is when a business partner, a relative or a family member falls under this category. It’s a pain to get rid of them. They fool around in the organization and end up spreading negativity and increasing the nuisance quotient. It takes a bound and determined leader to “bell this cat” and gets rid of such people. This however is easier said than done.



This is a nasty combination. The ones in this league are highly productive, dynamic performers. The system depends on them and they shoulder the responsibility of performance of the team and the organization at large. The bosses begin to think of them as an indispensable component. They bend and break policies as they please. They ensure that they have no successors and the system remain dependent on them. They enjoy their position thoroughly. Their bosses have underlying  dislike for them but keeping in mind the organization’s dependence on them, they tend to overlook their attitude. Such organizations don’t grow. They stagnate. Such personalities get created when the leader is no longer in control of his business and is completely laid back.

Such people in an organization are a good indicator of bad leadership. Today many small and medium businesses struggle because of such people at key positions in the company. The company owners depend on them, the environment is stagnating and people play safe by just meeting requirements and never exceeding them.

A good leader will never allow such people to exist in their organization.


In a nutshell, this world needs people with good attitude. People with the right kind of thought process and outlook towards life are bound to be performers subject to some guidance and good leadership.

The same principle is applicable in other areas of life. For instance parents while finding a suitable match for their daughters, evaluate the potential groom based on his attitude. They know that if his attitude is right sooner or later the man will flourish. A good sports coach while selecting a team captain, looks out for a team player with positivity, sensitivity towards others and ability to bring the best out of self and others. So size up on one’s attitude!

Bank on attitude ….. performance will follow.


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