Life is all about survival. The most important thing is to stay alive. This can be best understood once you step into the wild where animals eat, sleep, defecate and procreate as an attempt to ensure their survival and their place in the scheme of things. Survival is the primal objective in everything they do. For instance when a lion hunts down his prey, he will attack the youngest or the oldest impala to curb his appetite rather than trying to take on the strongest one to prove his mettle. The idea is to be efficient. There is no room for ego when it comes to survival.

Check out this wildlife sightings video by Kruger Sightings which explain perfectly the concept of survival of the fittest in the wild.

Survival is the basic force that drives life on this planet. Are humans different? No, we are not. History is proof that physical strength has never been our forte and we always dwell in groups and clusters. Our strength is our mind and our ability to think which has helped us stay at the top of the food chain. We still strive to survive. It’s just that our parameters of survival have changed.

Human growth and development has made our lives more purposeful and convenient, however our natal instinct to survive remains unchanged. Nearly every day we hear how nations fight over oil wells and nukes in their hunger to claim world dominance and become superpowers. Militants are killed by soldiers across borders and vice versa. Governments tussle over natural resources and communal rights have destroyed so many homelands in their skirmish. Honor killings are made as an attempt to safeguard culture and tradition. All this happens because we function on our basic instinct i.e “Survival of the fittest”. Even the children today are not pardoned form the struggle, the fear of a ruined career haunts them and it becomes a matter of survival for them to constantly achieve better grades.


As I began to give this whole scheme of surviving a serious thought, one question left me in splits! Are we really trying to survive? Or is it just a misapprehension!
Do I really need to be the CEO of a world Class MNC driving an Aston Martin and holding a Harvard degree to survive!!! Are we making every possible situation, our job, our businesses, our sports and education a matter of survival?

I guess we are! We commit a huge faux pas when we mistake the competitive spirit in us to be our survival instinct. Competition has become our second nature which urges us to want more work for more and achieve more. We in our own right have started treating it as a matter of survival to be the best at everything. When in fact it has nothing to do with survival.

We Humans have a unique ability which we seldom use. It is the ability to “make a choice”. People feel the best way to survive is to do what is in sync with your environment. Our system churns out doctors, engineers and MBA’s in bulk quantities who believe that the only way to survive is to drift with the current. We have been hearing that the economy is under recession and there is a scarcity of resources. They jobs are less as compared to the number of job seekers thus leading to a scarcity. But on second thoughts this “scarcity” could just be a story fed in our minds by people for the sake of vested interests.

We have witnessed how “ego” of a few people can break countries. Can you imagine how small, restricted and negative were the minds of those people?

These are a handful few that play on the inadequacy of the masses and make it a matter of survival for them. They capitalize on the “scarcity” mindset which leads to disputes, unhealthy competition and acts of violence.

I believe humans have the ability to make that choice to ascend from this state of mediocrity and put an end to this mortal combat for survival. Start living, respect yourself and make the choices that make you happy and enable you to co-exist.

If Galileo did not go against popular belief, we would never know that the earth is round. The most beautiful creations, the biggest businesses and revolutions occur when someone makes that choice to go against the tide of public opinion. The ones who choose to jump off the bandwagon end up creating a new environment.

Millions of years ago we have realized that the basic principle of survival is to co-exist and synergize. The human mind is wired for umpteen possibilities and has a massive creative appetite. The human mind, if set free, can create abundance and when there is an “abundance” mindset the world could become a much relaxed and happier place. How about creating schools that don’t mould children but only creates an environment where the child moulds itself? Will this child grow up to create a better world? A world that “lives”, co exists and there is abundance in thought and action.

We are all going to die someday, the time that we get in between is “Life” So let’s choose how we want to live and let’s not take it too seriously by making it a survival issue. It’s ok if you miss a few milestones. It’s ok if you miss a few targets. Life is like standing on a beach, there is no dearth of waves coming your way. It’s ok to miss a few because there is surely another one coming for you.

Image result for laugh gif tumblr

We have yet kick-ass ability, that’s our “sense of humor”. Let’s laugh a little more. More importantly let us learn to laugh at ourselves. Once you learn to do that you will barely dislike anyone. Humor is our saving grace. It has the ability to transform us from survival seeking primates to lively beings.

I invite you to think!


2 thoughts on “SURVIVAL

  1. walker says:

    Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
    “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

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