I specialize in aligning thoughts and resolving conflicts. Working through interpersonal conflicts all day takes its toll on me. I was returning home today, completely spent .All I wanted was a nice massage before I could hit the sack and wake up in time for a refreshing jog the next morning. Then suddenly a thought made me smile. It was a vision of my daughter. I felt a release in my body. Stress vanished; I was energized and happy again.

My daughter Savannah has just started talking in complete sentences and all she does the entire day is ask questions. I know that I have to listen to all of her questions attentively and answer them with equal enthusiasm and imagination. I love every bit of it. She wants everything. It’s funny how she believes she owns everything. I am looking forward to teaching her the joy of sharing.


A child is a gift whose worth cannot be measured

A wise man once said “a child gives birth to a mother”. I think our child has also given birth to a story teller, a teacher, a doctor, a friend and a horse (tik tik ghoda). My wife, Seema, has become all this to her and she is brilliant at it.

I clearly remember our conversations in the past used to revolve around stuff like “What are you wearing? What time are you reaching home? Take me out for dinner, Let’s go for a drive”. Now it usually is “Savannah has done potty” and my reply to that usually is “thank god 👍”. The best part is that we enjoy these conversations just as much as we loved the ones we had before. Although, once in a while I miss the old times.

My little girl likes listening to stories. She sleeps to a story, and wakes up to one too . My wife and I spend a lot of time narrating stories to her. These are usually figments of our imagination. We believe by doing so we are writing the first few chapters of her life with our imagination. We are teaching her to “believe”, hoping that someday she will take it from us and start writing the chapters of her life all by herself, with her own thoughts, possibilities and beliefs.

There are times when Savannah just hugs me for a few seconds, a simple warm hug. We are both usually quiet at that moment. I guess the silence that prevails between us during this time is the deepest communication I have with my daughter. It makes me feel that everything is fine, everything is beautiful. Five seconds later she gets busy running around again. It’s like she is telling me “dadda I have recharged you, now start playing with me”

 She is always walking around with my wife but whenever she is with me she wants me to carry her. She just refuses to walk. I have tried my tricks but nothing works. I guess deep inside I like to carry her and want it to remain like that. I have actually started working out again, hired a personal trainer to keep myself fit so that I can be strong enough to carry her as long as possible. Presently I can carry her for one and a half hour straight, without any discomfort. Now that’s my parameter for fitness. How long can I carry my 12 kg daughter?  I guess that’s what parenthood does to you. New goals, new yardsticks!


Savannah owns me. She is my first priority. She looks at me and expects me to drop everything and take her in my arms. She trusts me because that’s the law of nature. She has no fear because she doesn’t know what fear is. It’s my responsibility to keep it that way. I want her to have wings and fly high, as high as she wants. I want to be her roots. I want to be her “go to guy”. I want her to know that if she ever finds herself in any kind of a mess or a challenge be it studies, friends or boyfriends, she can count on me. I would want her to make the first call to me. I would want her to believe that no matter what happens her father will stand by her unconditionally. That’s what dads do right! I would want to be her bodyguard, her friend and dadda for life. It’s my duty and my privilege. That said, a child not only gives birth to a mother but also a father.

Savannah turned 2 on 14th August (last Sunday). It was such a special feeling for me and my wife. I now understand why my parents still get so excited about my birthday. I spent my entire day with her. I watched her play, watched her smile, I clapped the loudest when she cut her birthday cake and yes! Just like any other day, I answered a lot of questions on her birthday too!

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