Hi Guys! I have a question for you all. Do you really understand success?  Ever so often I see lucid descriptions of success and how to be successful. I often get questions related to Success, management styles and self-realization. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and start this blog which lets me collect my thoughts on what I have been practicing, so that I get a license to preach it. Your comments and feedback will make it more interesting. My fist topic is success.

Success is a state of mind. However, it’s a largely relative term. Success varies from one individual to another and is principally similar to the word “happiness”for what is the use of success if it doesn’t make you happy.

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Can’t think of any standard or universal definition of success as it would mean different things to different people. But on caking up what some prominent thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs who seem happy with their lives, have to say, I am about to put down a broad framework for success. Hopefully it fits in.

Success is a function of health, wealth, relationships and purpose. Let’s discuss this in slight detail.


Please don’t ridicule me for saying this. “Health is wealth”.

A beautiful sunset means nothing with a broken toe. A huge profit in your business and a simultaneous heart attack does not make you a happy person. The hardware needs to be strong, bug free and robust. Won’t bother to spend a single second more on this topic as we have all mastered the “knowledge” of how to stay healthy owing to various sources of information at our disposal.

P.S: I said “knowledge” and not “wisdom”. I’m sure you know the difference.



This one’s tricky. How much money does one need?Let’s look at it this way….You need money to ensure that your bills are paid, you are debt free and can comfortably afford the things you want. In effect, one needs money to lead a content life where all basics are taken care of while still having the luxury of carefree banter. Therefore, it is a personal “threshold” that one needs to set. This threshold is a function of all the money one could possibly need to live life to the fullest. Anything more than this threshold limit is not linked to “success”. Anything less affects the state of mind negatively. By this definition a billionaire is not necessarily a successful person as he might be someone who has a lot of wealth, but could simultaneously be suffering from host of ailments which would never let him appreciate his accomplishments.


I believe many of you would agree that “life” is “relationships”.

Let’s try and visualize this diagrammatically. Imagine your life in a circle. You are at the center of this circle and your relationships are the many other circles that surround it. Each relationship of your life is represented by one of these circles, the most important ones being closest to the center and the less important ones are scattered away from the center. Now, if you are facing interpersonal issues with an important relationship, that particular circle breaks open making the formation incomplete.More the number of incomplete important circles in your life, more inadequate your life becomes. The idea is to keep the important circles closed.



Now let me get a bit philosophical. I guess deep inside we all want to believe that whatever we do has a larger purpose. A feeling of contribution towards self and others. That belief is the “purpose”. We all need a sense of purpose in whatever we do. Please note that a doctor’s purpose is not larger than a sweeper’s purpose or vice versa. The whole idea is to take pride in whatever we do and feel nice about ourselves.
It is this right balance of health, wealth, relationship and purpose that makes one happy and successful



  1. Haresh Hirani says:

    Today, I interviewed my mother for a research I’m working on for my understanding . When I asked her to define success in her own words, she said, “Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile.


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